new stuffs: the update!

okay, i went a little wild at vegan essentials and got a bunch of stuff that is new (to me, anyway). i haven't tried any of it yet, but here's the rundown…

for the people in our house: crumblz (peanut chocolate flavor), annie's bunny fruit snacks (the berry assortment), strawberry jello, leahey mac & cheeze, leahey gravy packets (one brown, one golden), and a new lip gloss in vanilla chai.

for the animals in our house: ami kibble, evolution kibble, vegedog sprinkles, vegecat ph sprinkles, doggie sudz shampoo, and a little tonic to aid itchy doggies. heh.

…and not new, but awesome anyway: liz lovely cookies (peanut butter chocolate), pumpkin doughnut holes, contact lens solution, and a billion sjaak's peanut butter cups, caramel cups, and mint chocolate cups.

i can't wait to start taste-testing everything! in the meantime, though, i'm finally going to get around to baking, because we're having a little celebration for my brother-in-law's birthday tomorrow afternoon. i'm going to make carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (either in cake or cupcake form; haven't decided yet) and a mississippi mud chocolate cake. yay!


  1. I picked up some of the Annie’s fruit snacks on Friday. and now they’re gone 🙂 we got the berry assortment and it received a hearty thumbs up from each of us.

  2. Oh my dear did you get run down when you was buy some healthy veggie food, I so sorry I hope you are not seriously injured and hope you get better soon.
    If you are not too sick to reply could you please tell me what is itchy doggie heh is this some secret Chinese language that the rest of us English speaking tribe don’t know of yet?

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