free bakery! kinda.

so after we hosted our brother-in-law's birthday dealie today (we just did simple snacks, gifts, and cake), we decided we were hungry for dinner and my husband didn't feel like making it. fair enough. so, we called in an order at one of our favorite places, a tiny little co-op & cafe nearby (the whole menu is vegan or nearly-so, and tons of it is organic. yum!), and i went in to pick up the food. my husband ordered a tempeh reuben and a side salad, and i ordered the veggie burger and a berry smoothie. 

when i arrived, they were just about to wrap up my order, and i spied a tray of cardamom scones with chocolate chips. hello! so i asked for one of those as well, and then went into the co-op side of the joint to pay my bill. ((of course i picked up a couple of cartons of peppermint chocolate vitasoy while i was there–how could i not?!)) after bonding with the woman who does the ordering over our mutual adoration of said vitasoy, i went back to the cafe to pick up my bag. but i forgot to double-check the bag, and alas, when i got home i realized that i was cardamom scone-less. *sniff* 

however! i called, and they were very sweet about it. i really didn't feel like driving back over there now that i was home with our dinner, but they told me i could swing in tomorrow and pick up some bakery. i can't wait!


  1. We called in an order? no,no,no, it’s We stopped by a little Co-op come cafe which is a favourite of my husband and I, the menu is mainly vegan, some of which is organic, oh dear, dear, joint! I went into the shop, remember it’s I not i how common can you get sweetie capital I it’s important, do you want to be a slob all your life, maybe the dear woman respectfully thought you needed to watch you waist line a little.
    Oh come on dear do you really need to fill the human organs with all that rubbish, think life , think healthy, think of husband and think of your children, show them a better way, say no to junk food.

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