going to burst

i feel like i ate a mountain of food tonight, and i guess that's because i kind of did. i went to the coffee shop this evening and had a chai while i was there, after slamming a big glass of water at home. then, when i came back from the coffee shop, my husband had made an awesome pizza (which i ate half of)… and a small pile of raw carrots and broccoli with dip. and then more water. we went for a quick walk with maia, andwhen we got back we decided to go ahead and polish off the mississippi mud cake (we had 5 pieces left, but in our defense, they were smallish pieces) so we could wash the pan. ha! oh, and i had a small glass of chocolate silk to chase the cake down. *urp*



  1. excuse me vegan chai I was just trying to read your blog, well……
    I maybe wrong here, but did you go to school anytime during your younger years? as I don’t think there’s any words in your thread that represent English words?
    Should you need help I know of some good teachers who could help you.

  2. How greedy can you get eating your way through a pizza, coke and all the man made junk you can find, have some repect for your body and your body will respect you and give you a better healthier life.

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