hipo hyfryd truffles

okay, i stumbled across a box of these truffles the other day, and due to some awesomeness that transpired, i got to take them home with me. for free. yay! anyhow, they first caught my eye because the logo is adorable. the next thing i noticed is that everything is spelled all crazy-style (i.e., in welsh), which further piqued my interest. and THEN i realized it was a box of truffles, with the most-amazing-possible-flavor clearly labeled on the front: cinnamon spiced. i mean, come on! are you kidding me? it was almost like they were sent straight here for me. so i asked about them, and was told to go ahead and try one, and in fact, why don't i take the box home? *swoon* 

so i should probably skip ahead to the part where i tell you how delectable they are. the chocolate is amazing, and the center is smooth and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. the flavoring is subtle, but fantastic. i'm told the maple syrup flavor is also to die for, and a friend of mine tried the coconut and liked it a lot. word on the street is that these will be available in the US soon (through vegan essentials), so keep an eye out! they rock.


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  2. I am the guy that has the pleasure to invent the recipes and make the hipo hyfryd chocolates. Thank you very much for your wonderful words, it is an excellent thing to read shortly before going to bed.

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