belittling random internet strangers

my first thought when i saw i'd gotten 11 comments from the same person early this morning was that a spambot found me. my second thought was that perhaps someone stumbled across my blog through vegan mofo, and wanted to comment on several things at once. it definitely didn't occur to me (until i read said comments, of course) that they might all be from a random person who wanted to point out what an uneducated slob i am. i went from bewildered to amused to annoyed in the span of about three minutes, and then just decided that it was silly to even care. i've left them up for now in case anyone else wants to enjoy the crazy. i'm going to take my uneducated ass to bed now.



  1. Woah, that’s weird. You definitely didn’t deserve those kinds of comments. As I’m just another random internet stranger this probably doesn’t mean much, but I always think your posts are interesting.

  2. Meh. You should feel flattered that this person was so moved by your blog–just look at all of the time that he devoted to it! Also, I read a few of his posts. I am guessing that this person is a lonely teenager…a lonely teenager who is unfamiliar with the concept of commas.

  3. Ignore. Obviously somebody who has nothing better to do than correct the grammar and eating habits of someone they don’t even know over the Net does not have a real life. And that’s coming from someone who corrects grammar for a living. πŸ˜‰
    I like your blog as well.

  4. wow – I wonder how many comment sections of blogs this person has polluted for their own small enjoyment. And I find it amusing that this person berates you for your spelling and grammar (which is just dandy), but is actually the one who seems to have trouble with sentence structure, apostrophes, etc. Take THAT, jerko!
    i heart you, vegan chai. heart you lots.

  5. I’m an English professor and I don’t think your cited grammar “mistakes” were wrong, just idiosyncratic and casual. Your writing style is perfectly appropriate for a blog.
    I’m a descriptivist, so I tend to get *very* annoyed by “Grammar Nazis” on the internet. So many of them are idiots, and mean-spirited idiots at that. House of Monet seems to be the one unable to write in English, not you!
    I love your blog. You are awesome!

  6. I just say, “whatever makes them feel better” as they obviously feel something uncomfortable and need to lash out some how. Pretty childish but hey at least you know how uneducated you are and you can start working on that.
    I guess we can all work on that with you. We can be stooopid together.

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