the “pardoned” turkeys

okay, before i get to the turkeys, i wanted to say (in a post, rather than only in the comments) that my blog-reading-internet-friends are awesome. thanks for all of the sweet and supportive, and even feisty, comments about last night's entry! hee. i know it wasn't a big deal, and it's silly to care (and i succeeded in un-caring, for the most part), but still, it was nice to hear from all of you. you're the ones i care about, anyway! xo

so! turkeys! i stumbled across this article the other day and i thought i'd share it, in case anyone else was interested and hadn't seen it… it's about the turkeys who are "pardoned" each year in that weird presidential ceremony. the article talks about what happens to the turkeys afterward, and i have to say i was at least slightly surprised–not only about some of the details about the turkeys' new lives, but also at some of the almost pro-AR slant seen in the story. the author definitely snuck a few things in there that made me happy. anyhow, have a look if you like.

i'll be writing soon about farm sanctuary's annual turkey adoption, but i'm waiting until i decide who to adopt, as is my custom. heh. 


  1. I’m trying to figure out which turkey I’m going to adopt, too! Last year I adopted Pearl. It’s always so hard to decide. Thanks for the article!

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