mmmmmm, pumpkin-y

okay, seriously, i'm going nutso for pumpkin right now. i've been craving pumpkin stuff, and i keep not doing anything about it, but Yesterday That All Changed! i finally finally FINALLY made my favorite pumpkin muffins (from vegan with a vengeance) and they are sooooooo delicious. it feels like forever since i'd eaten them. and! i had some leftover cream cheese frosting from saturday's carrot cupcakes, so i've been making my pumpkin muffins into "dessert breakfast" for the past two days. hee.

in the meantime, i'm also really wanting to try some pumpkin crumb cake (veganomicon) and pumpkin spice bread (joy of vegan baking). i wonder if i could make my husband sick of pumpkin if i just went to town on the pumpkin tip. because also! also! there is this delightful-sounding recipe for pumpkin butter. oh my gee, it sounds so tasty.

i swear, if i went back in time about three years and told my past self that i would become a drooly pumpkin fangirl, i never would have believed my future self. but for reals, i'm all about it these days.


  1. howzabout pumpkin muffins, split and spread with pumpkin butter and then put back together AND THEN frosted with cream cheeze frosting!
    I never get sick of pumpkin. Never. I CAN BEE UR HUZZBAN?

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