goodbye, mofo… hello, pomo!

well, i did it! i blogged every day for vegan mofo, and even managed to talk about food on most days. heh. tomorrow officially kicks off the "official" nablopomo–that is, the original-flavor november version–and i'm going to be participating again. i think i need to make an effort to post earlier in the day, because i've started slacking and relying on the "before bed" rule, which often makes my posts come after midnight. whoops. 

so, november has no theme, just me babbling. you know, just like always. whee! this is my third attempt at nablopomo, and i think i'll do fine this year, because i've blogged every day since last year's run. can you believe it? i can't.

i'll feel guilty if i sign off with my last mofo post neglecting to talk about food, so… um… going out for middle eastern tomorrow! yay split lentil soup and falafel! (whew!)


  1. Hey babe, can I help you here, I know the score I’m a lifer veggie, to keep the weight down there are just a few simple things to do, OK you can pop the pills and take the risk, or you can work our every day for 4 hours, but there a better simpler way, rule no one, well not a rule but a general guide, 1. Don’t eat between meals, ie snack attack. 2. never never eat after 8 at night. 3. drink plently of water, feel hungry…drink water. 4. Walk after a meal, make you’re self do it, soon you will get use to it and it will become 2nd nature. 5. Sex, yes sex it’s one of the best forms of exercise it’s free and you’ll enjoy it.
    So there we are I’ve given you the best info free, anywhere else you would have too pay an arm and a leg fo it.

  2. Whoooo just read your thread about an evening meal, now this is a no no, why Middle Eastern, now babe we’ve just been bombing the place a part, thanks to JWB policies and now you want to eat their food, tut,tut what will the boy from the the grand ole Missisipi think of this B.H.Obam…..lets go for the good ole texas rump and pots, with salad, veggie icecream and decaf coffee with soya cream.

  3. Well done on your MoFo posts! I’m taking a break from blogging for a few days – give me time to chill out a bit. I don’t know whether I admire you for taking part in NaBloPoMo or whether I should be worried for your sanity!

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