the return of the boots dilemma: now with surprise ending!

so, if you've been reading my blog for a long time, you might recall that last fall/winter i was going crazy trying to find tall boots. i had a pair from payless that were serviceable, but i really didn't like them. so i ended up shopping around, spending umpty-bazillion hours on zappos, buying (and returning) stuff from mooshoes and zappos, and eventually just sighing really loudly and giving up.

well, now that it's fall and getting chilly, my thoughts have once again turned to boots. i currently have three pair: (a) the crappy tall ones from payless, still hanging on, (b) the short "jeans boots" from payless, also a few years old, and (c) the snazzy pointy impulse buy from last year, which i still adore beyond reason. i'm keeping the third pair for sure, but the other two really could do with replacements. so the other day, i swung through payless in hopes of finding some updated versions of what i currently have. unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing. meh. then yesterday i spent a really long time on zappos, poring over their boots looking for vegan pairs that i actually liked, and that was extremely irritating (and mostly fruitless). 

today i had to run some errands (including a trip to the mall), and i went to a shoe store i discovered nearby which is heavy on the trendy and also heavy on the pleather. they had lots of cute stuff, but the vast majority of it was stiletto heels and/or peep-toe pumps. cute and all, but not what i was looking for. the few pairs of boots they had were endowed with about 45-inch heels, so those were a no-go for me.

i was about to give up entirely again, but as i was headed to the mall, i remembered that kohl's actually has a pretty decent selection of non-leather shoes, and decided to try there while i was shopping. i did all of my other errands (exchanged a bathmat, bought some concealer and eyeshadow at bare escentuals, and got some new makeup brushes from origins and aveda, whee!) and was just about to leave the mall when i remembered i'd wanted to go to trader joe's. whoops! i turned around and walked back across the entire "village" and poked through TJ's a bit, then headed out for reals. i got in my car, left the parking garage, turned onto the street and THEN remembered (as i was looking at it) that i'd meant to go to kohl's. doy. i was a super-absentminded shopper today! i internally debated whether to just skip it, but in the end i pulled back into the parking lot and headed toward the shoes.

well, they were even more vegan-friendly than i'd remembered! they had tons and tons of stuff, so much that i had to keep reminding myself that i was looking for something Very Specific. heh. eventually i ended up near the boots, and i actually had options! a few had the dreaded calf problem (i still maintain that i must just be extremely muscular, because the alternative is too sad to think about, and i know full well how much i've NOT been working out lately, but let's just keep that between you and me, m'kay?), but there were several different pairs that zipped up fully and i actually didn't hate them. hooray! i also found a few different "jeans boots" (as i always call them) to try on, and lo and behold, i ended up walking out of there with three pairs of boots! my search is over! 

for the jeans boots, i actually did something that people will probably think is goofy, and i bought the same boots in two colors. i just figured, if i've been looking this long for boots that i like, and i find them out of the blue AND they're on sale AND in my size AND they come in both black and brown, i'd better go for it. right? so, i did. i got these, from aerosoles, and they're actually quite comfortable. they have a bit of squish in the insole, so it feels like it will be a kinder boot for a long day, if you know what i mean. i'm really sick of how my cheapo shoes and boots are rarely nice to my feet, so i was happy about that discovery. also, there was a little sign that said "available in wide!" and so i decided to try my regular size, but in a wide width, in case it felt more comfy. it felt great, so i got the wide versions. yay! these boots are pull-on, which i've never had before, but they go on and come off pretty easily, so i think i'm going to really like them!

for the tall boots, i ended up with these from mootsies tootsies. a lot of other people must have liked them, too, because there were only 4 pairs in the whole store, and thank goodness one of them was my size. following my new logic of boot-fit, i would have actually liked to try going up a half-size, but my usual size felt fine even after a loooong day of being on my feet, so i think they'll be just ducky. at only about 40 bucks a pop, i'm pretty excited about my boots-shopping day. here's hoping they hold up for awhile, and i don't have to play this game again for several more years.


  1. Those boots are awesome! I especially like the tall ones. My feet are huge so the only boots I can ever find are kind of drag queen-ish (not that I have anything against drag queens, it’s just not my style). Your boots are so cute that I think I must continue my search.

  2. Hey babe it’s me again,
    ow youall doing there, boots my main subject, there’s nothing I like better than to talk about boots, you say Tall boots I say big boots, but we’re not here to concern our selves with the tall and short of it, when I was a child I just bloved the smell of boots, the sweaty feet, doing all that there walking, yer dontyer just love it, oooooh I must go there’s a feeling coming all over me boots boots booots

  3. I can relate! I have been looking for flat or very-low-heeled boots in my size for over a year. Every 6 months that I don’t find any that I like I am willing to pay about $30 more just to be done with the search. 😉

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