the vaute couture winners

okay, i feel like a supreme idiot right now. i'd bookmarked the finalists page (where we did the voting) and had been checking it several times a day ever since voting closed. as you may know, there was a message saying "winners announced soon!" and so i just kept checking back. i was totally impatient and excited and curious, and apparently all of that impeded my intelligence, because it didn't occur to me until tonight that maybe i should just go ahead and try the main page, DUH, which showed that there are indeed winners, and then led me on to leanne's blog. DOY. so guess what, the winners were announced on october 22, and i'm just a total moron-face. ha!

for those of you who were curious right along with me, check out her post to see the big winners! it sounds like the real coats are being drawn up now, and the pre-sale will begin on november 10th. so exciting!


  1. Hurray! Two of the three coats I voted for won. The one that I didn’t vote for is still one I considered voting for. I’m satisfied. 😀 I’m still pretty sure they won’t be made in my size, though.

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