i can't really think of anything to write about at the moment, so i'll just say that i keep alternating between cautiously optimistic and tOtally nervous about tomorrow. it's going to be a long day. we're going to vote in the late morning (you know, after the Normals go to work), and then we'll try to distract ourselves by going out for late breakfast or early lunch… or regular lunch, depending how long the voting line is, i suppose. and then: we wait. 



  1. Wait, I’m normal and I’m about to go to work right now! At 4:30am! 😀
    I’m voting after I get home from work, which hopefully will be before there is a mega long line. I tried to vote early on friday, and the line for early voting was 2 hours (!) long.

  2. Yer I’m lookin to the results, I’m an early voter one of those who couldn’t decide so I gave half of tick to Obama and half of tick to Maccain, why can’t I decide, Oboy is youn’un and Mac is a little old, but then all my life I’ve been supporting Mccain I alway buy his oven ready chips at walmart!

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