comfort food and friends

tonight i went out with 11 other vegans (or vegans-in-training, heh) to a comfort-food diner-type place that is extremely sweet to the vayguns. in addition to the already vegan-friendly menu, they always have specials and/or fantastic desserts with a little V next to them, hooray! i was with a group of mostly college students, except for me and one or two others, and it was a fun time. we crammed ourselves into two giant booths and ordered delicious food and left completely stuffed. i had an open-faced meatloaf sandwich, which involved sourdough bread topped with vegan meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes topped with gravy. it was beyond ridiculous, and it's totally not the kind of food i usually order, but it sounded good so i went with it. amazing! i ate all but about 5 bites, which i brought home in a tiny box. heh.

and then, for dessert, i was really hoping for the double chocolate mint cupcakes, but there were only 3 left and there were 4 of us who wanted one, so i opted instead for the apple crumb pie. i brought home dinner for my husband (marinated tofu sandwich, plus another slice of pie), and once he was finished we decided we were both so full that we've put aside our pie until tomorrow. oh, delicious comfort food, how i love you so. plus, i finally started working out again this week, so i feel not-so-guilty about indulging at dinner. yay!

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