blog changes & gummy bunnies

i know i say this relatively frequently, but i changed the look of my blog again. i did it sort of on accident… i was dorking around looking at the new themes, and once instead of clicking "preview" i actually clicked "submit," but it turned out that i liked it so i just let it ride. heh. and then while i was at it, i changed from a two-column format to a three-column format, because i think my sidebar was getting a little unwieldy. and then while i was at it, i added a twitter feed to the sidebar, because i started using twitter the other day and i'm trying to decide if i like it. and i'm just so sure that you guys want to hear even more random minutiae of my day! but anyhow, things look relatively different on the main page, but it's all still mostly the same content.

so, here's a question: do any of you read the blog at the actual site, or do you read it from a blog reader of some sort? i use google reader so i read a lot of my posts there, although i click through to the original source relatively frequently, especially if i want to read comments or (of course) if i want to leave one. i'm just curious if i'm really the only person looking at this window dressing or not! 

in other news, i finally got around to trying my annie's organic bunny fruit snacks today, and they're super tasty. i tossed a little bag into my lunch when i left this morning, and i almost forgot about them. eventually i was digging in my lunch bag for some crackers and i came up with the bunnies, so i gave 'em a whirl. they are really, really good! if you like old-school gummy bears, these are pretty close. they're not dead-on, probably because they're organic and fancy and actually have juice in them (heh), but they're close enough to make me happy. i think i was expecting more of a swedish fish consistency, but they definitely lean toward gummy bears. i tried the berry patch flavor, but there's also a tropical assortment. i'm going to make sure i get a box for my 4-year-old niece, who loves fruit snacks but despairs that so many of them "have meat in them" (i.e., gelatin). i think she'll really like these.


  1. I read on the site. Don’t use a blog reader, although I wonder weekly if I should. I like to read on the site, though! decisions…
    yay for the Annie’s! mmm mmm good.
    Loving the new look. The colors are a nice fall/wintery change.

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