fairhaven crumblz or whatever they’re called now

okay, y'all. i babbled about getting chocolate peanut butter crumblz from vegan essentials, and i was all excited in advance, and then i brought them home and didn't try them for two weeks(!).. what is wrong with me? i really have no idea. but i've tried them now, and they are beyond. seriously. as is becoming a theme with me, i'll say this: they taste a lot like [insert pregan junk food here; in this case, butterfingers], but more natural and less processed and overall more delicious. they are so, so good. basically it's like the inside of a butterfinger bar, with a small bit of chocolate drizzled over the top. YUM.

but! in an effort to give you a link to said crumblz, i (re-)learned that they are currently undergoing a name change. this was mentioned to me at the time of my purchase, but i had kind of forgotten. anyhow, according to the website, they have not only undergone a name change, but they are also now covered in chocolate. yay! i find this a very exciting development. yay yay yay! so, for those of you looking for them, the first link is how you might still find them, but the second link is the new look… not sure when those hit the street. good luck!

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