what not to wear: the vaygun edition

sometime in the past few weeks, i became totally addicted to TLC's what not to wear. i'm not really sure how it happened. i was aware of the show before, and i think i'd seen a couple of episodes, but all of a sudden: boom! i'm recording every episode i can get my hands on, and i'm sitting on the couch watching them back to back to back to back to back. for weeks now! yesterday i watched five episodes in a row; it's craziness.

i honestly started to learn some stuff, and it made me want to go shopping. i always clean out my closet and my dresser twice per year (when switching to/from our summer/winter clothes), but this year i did it with renewed enthusiasm and a new set of criteria. i've bought a couple of new shirts that i wouldn't have necessarily considered before, and now they're my new favorites. i have kind of fallen in love with stacy and clinton. i'm daydreaming about whether or not my veganism could give me that "special something" that would make them pick me… you know, make me all awesome and fashionable without using leather, wool, angora, silk… it could be a good angle, don't you think? i've seen them do an episode on a woman who didn't wear leather, but she totally had cashmere all over her closet, so she doesn't count. 

i want to be on the show! 

possible cons: what if they didn't like my new shirts that i just bought? what if they wanted to force me to get rid of all of my AR t-shirts (and you know they would; they'd be all, um, you're 34, not 14, missy!)? what if nick did something inSANE to my hair because i already stole his thunder by getting a rather major haircut two weeks ago? 

but oh, the pros: carmindy would talk about vegan makeup and brushes on air! they'd send me to mooshoes! they'd consider me a challenge and work extra hard on my behalf! i'd get $5000 for a whole new wardrobe!

okay, i'm getting over-excited. i have like 234 episodes of WNTW waiting on my DVR for me; i'll just continue to live vicariously through all of those girlies.


  1. there’s at least one episode with a vegan on it. i just caught part of it, so i don’t remember much about it. i know what you mean about the show, though. it’s a total time suck. my fantasy is to have all my clothes disappear and be replaced with a few simple items that look perfect on me, are hip and happening and are comfortable enough to sleep in,

  2. I am obsessed with WNTW also and I can’t figure out why. I have never been at all interested in clothes or fashion or girly stuff at all but I adore this show. It has partially inspired clothes and a haircut and occasionally putting on make-up for me. I have seen a couple episodes with real vegans, there was one not to long ago with a diligent label checker. She was wearing all polyester and they wanted to get her in natural fibers. They taught her all about vegan make-up it was cool. There was another where they had an environmentalist yogi and they got her mineral make-up.

  3. yay, i’m not alone! i saw the environmentalist yogi episode (that was the one with the two sisters, right? the other sister was a total jeans-and-tshirt person, yes? i identified with her quite a bit!), but not any of the others you guys mentioned. today i watched two more episodes, and one of them was a woman who helped produce a fashion show at the farm sanctuary gala! they didn’t talk about it much, but they mentioned it twice and they showed some footage from it at the end. so cool. i’ll have to keep recording all the reruns so i can see the vegan episodes!
    i’m also liking tim gunn’s guide to style, but not with the same level of hyperfandom. 🙂

  4. If you like WNTW w/ Stacy and Clinton, you should see the original Brit version. It plays on BBCAmerica from time to time, but wow are they ever rough/up front. It’s a riot!! They seriously grab women’s boobs to show them how they should be held in a bra/shirt. (Both hosts are women, so there is no grabbage by men.)
    I prefer the Brit version, but I also love the American show.

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