more pumpkin muffins

today i made another batch of pumpkin muffins, because a friend of ours just moved a block away, and he invited us over to check out his new living room furniture. he told me that he was going to go out special to buy the purple (vegan) doritos, and i told him i was planning to bring him pumpkin muffins as a housewarming offering. he was very excited. so, about an hour before we were supposed to head over, i got to baking, and i used up the rest of the pumpkin from my earlier batch, and opened a new can to top it off, creating yet another container of "extra" pumpkin… so stay tuned for the inevitable third batch, ha ha.

anyhow, i made the muffins without incident, and then put them on the cooling rack (still in the pan) for about 5 minutes while i waited until i could pop them out. well, for the second time in as many batches, two things happened that i don't remember happening to me before: (a) the muffins crowned over the top of the pan, and (b) i lost a few tops as i was trying to remove them from the pan. i'm not sure what's up with that. this time, to prevent (b) i tried a new method of removing the muffins, which was to tip the pan upside-down over the cooling rack and try to tap them out. this worked, for the most part, but my aim was poor and i ended up over-shooting my goal with two of the muffins, which in turn hit the countertop hard, and lost their tops. whoops! i ate one, and saved the other for my husband. heh. my friend got the other ten, which seemed no worse for wear.

but here's my question: why are my tops separating from the bottoms? is it just that i'm not letting them cool enough before trying to pry them out of the pan? or is it the fact that they're crowning in the first place?or is it kind of a combination of both? once they're out of the pan safely and cooled properly, they're totally perfect, so i'm wondering if i'm just jumping the gun on removal. master bakers, help a sister out! i've got a third batch on deck!


  1. well, I see two possible problems here:
    – the batter is over flowing (which could be caused by too much batter OR an acid/alkaline imbalance*)
    – you’re turning them out too soon/incorrectly (let them cool for 15-20 minutes, and then use a thin knife to separate any muffins/muffin tops sticking to the pan)
    from when I made those muffins, I remember the end result being quite moist and tender. it would probably serve you best to let them cool VERY well before turning out, so the muffins can get as firm as possible before their untinning.
    *are you replacing any ingredients? that can mess with the acid/alkaline balance which could in turn make your batter too active which could cause the overflow you described.

  2. melisser, yes, they definitely did, a bit… so the second time i tried to make sure i jostled them a bit before turning them out…
    …but gladcow, i think you nailed the problem in that case! i have only been waiting 5 minutes to turn them out! somewhere along the line i got 5 minutes as the magic time in my head, and i must be wrong. i’m paranoid about soggy cupcake bottoms in general, so i think that’s where i learned/memorized that number, but it’s possible that i memorized it wrong, and/or that there are different rules for cupcakes and/or liners. i don’t use liners with these muffins, but i usually do for cupcakes. i didn’t make any substitutions, so i’m guessing it’s the waiting time.
    thank you!!

  3. I remember your soggy bottom stress. In all of my years of vegan baking (professionally and personally) I have NEVER encountered a soggy bottom. I have untinned too early, and I have also left muffins and cupcakes in the tins until they were completely cold (ie an hour or more) and NEVER a soggy bottom. So, uh, don’t stress about that anymore :p
    glad I could help! šŸ˜€

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