a frustrating afternoon

my  morning got off to a rough start, because i had to cut my workout short (no weights today, alas) in order to get home and make a meeting on time. i was bummed, but still glad that at least i made it to the gym for cardio, abs, and stretching. anyhow, around 1pm, my day went completely south. i arrived for the meeting only to find: (a) that the coffee shop was entirely full, with no available seating to speak of, and (b) i'd been stood up. i waited for awhile until i decided to play with my phone while i waited, upon which time i noticed that–horrors!–i had two missed calls and a voicemail from the person i was supposed to be meeting with. A Person Who Is Not Supposed To Have My Cell Number. like, i've known her for 27 months, and there is definitely a reason she didn't have it. boundary issues, is what i'm saying.

i start to panic, wondering how in hell she got my number, but figuring the jig is up so i may as well call her back anyway. so i do, and she's unable to make our meeting, which, fine, i rescheduled for tomorrow. during the course of the conversation she inadvertently gave up the colleague of mine who gave out my cell number (who is now on my people to kill list), so now i have to figure out how to have that conversation. ugh.

now that i had unexpected free time but a totally slammed coffee shop, i decided to walk two blocks away to another one, in an effort to get some work done (which had been my hope all along). unfortunately, after i sit down there, i learn that they totally don't have free wifi (are you KIDDING ME?), which annoys me to no end, and then after i make my peace with that, i realize that i left my headphones on the kitchen counter, even after specifically unplugging them from my iPod to bring along. seriously.

so, i decided that i would stay until: (a) my chai was finished, and (b) i had made it to a predetermined point in the review i'm writing, and then i'd go home. somewhere in there i started freezing to death, so thank god for arm warmers (stashed in my bag) and also thank god i had a scarf with me, and i kept plugging away at my review. eventually i was really close to my stopping point and really close to finishing my chai, and my bladder was about to explode, so i hustled to get finished and out of there. no sooner did i leave the coffee shop and set off down the block, when it started to rain. for real. rain.

and to top it all off, not that any of you want this imagery but i'm giving it to you anyway: after hustling home as quickly as possible in the rain with a bladder about to burst, i flew upstairs to go potty and then realized the TP roll was empty. i was all, "perfect!" aloud to the dog. she was all, "i know, mama, seriously." and then i was all, "go get me a new roll of TP, please."

at that point i just gave in, had a late lunch, and watched an episode of what not to wear. you knew that was coming, right?


  1. re: TP issue
    that is why kids are better than dogs! Lola just looks at me when I ask for TP, but the kids actually get me some :p
    That IS one sucky day. I hope that WNTW made it better 🙂

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