covering my bases

this is the part in NaBloPoMo where i remember at the last second that i'm going out tonight, and then worry that i might miss my midnight deadline. so, with this horribly content-free cheating post, i am covering my bases. yay! 

but just so that i don't feel terribly guilty about how lame this post is… have i talked about the deluxe junior mints yet? i feel like i've known about them forever but i can't remember if i ever blogged about them. just in case: they're gigantic bonbon-looking things, and they're junior mints, and you can get them at, like, bizarre places like walgreens or gas stations. and unlike junior mints (regular version), they're vegan. if i come home later and realize i have already blogged about this, i will apologize and post again as my penance. 

One comment

  1. Totally off-topic, did you get an email about the coat? The vegan coat contest that we all (or some of us anyway) voted on? I can’t remember the name of the category that they actually are making (the expensive category, obviously) for this season.
    I got an email, and about fell over when I realized how much that coat cost! Gorgeous, but I guess it isn’t what I’ll get to wear on the bike. 😀
    I don’t remember you blogging about the deluxe junior mints, but I might have to walk to the gas station to find out if they have them!

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