the pumpkin gods are good to me

today my husband and i went to lunch with a friend, and i suggested a vegan-friendly diner-type place. they agreed, and i was all excited, and off we went. i ordered a big ol' chai to start, and debated back and forth between the ginormous breakfast burrito with hashbrowns vs. the humongous pancakes… the pancakes usually win, but today i chose the burrito. it was amazing! my husband had the vegan scramble and said it was also delicious. 

anyhow, because i'm me, i scoped the dessert menu before we sat down. it changes daily and they always have several vegan selections on the chalkboard. today, much to my delight, one of the vegan desserts was a pumpkin walnut cake. now, i am not normally very big on putting nuts in my dessert, but in this case i was willing to make an exception. the cake was a gorgeous layer cake with buttercream frosting, and there were a few walnuts in the cake as well as on the frosting–just the right touch of texture. it was awesome, and it made me so happy that i live in a very vegan-friendly area of town. 

i was full for the rest of the day. it's nearly 11pm and we're just now having a bit of dinner. 

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