i stand corrected: toothpaste edition

many moons ago (well, i guess it was about eight moons, if we want to get all technical), i posted about my toothpaste flavor (tom's of maine cinnamint) getting discontinued, and i asked for recommendations. i also mentioned that JASON powersmile tasted like burning, and that i wouldn't be going down that road again. well, i've changed my mind.

for quite awhile (i'd say at least 4 tubes) we were using the JASON orange-cinnamon-mint nutrismile, and we liked it it, but lately i've realized that i just feel like it wasn't getting my teeth totally clean. the backs of my front teeth started to feel kind of grimy soon after brushing, which, gross. so, i decided to branch out and try a couple of different kinds again when i was out shopping. after learning in spring that JASON powersmile now has flavors other than "peppermint to the max!!" i was interested in trying the cinnamon mint, but unfortunately my co-op doesn't carry that variety, so i instead ended up browsing the nature's gate flavors. i settled on a tube of cool mint gel, which is a combination of peppermint and spearmint. i'm impatient, so i tried it pretty much the instant i got home, and i like it pretty well. my husband likes it too. it's quite minty, but in a good way.

a few days later, i happened to be in whole foods on an impromptu vegan-mentoring trip, and i found myself in front of their toothpaste display. they do carry the cinnamon mint powersmile, so i nabbed a tube while i was there. again, because i'm impatient, i tried it as soon as i got home, and i love it! love! it's very foamy and it has a really nice flavor. i'm so excited! i wish i had been so brave in march, but oh wells. right now we have three tubes of toothpaste going… we have about 15% of our nutrismile yet, which will be gone relatively soon, and then we'll work our way through the nature's gate, but i think we'll be sticking with the cinnamon mint powersmile for the long haul. yay!

of course this probably means they'll discontinue it next year. this is the way my life works.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the powersmile peppermint to the max. I still recommend it, but I get how it might be too much for some people. It took me a couple of brushings to get used to it, but it’s my fave ever…even compared to pregan brands.

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