vegan kibble for the doggies

for those of you with vegan pups, what kibble do you (or your dog) favor? we started out with natural balance, and then for a few tummy-related (poop-related, heh) reasons, we decided to switch. we tried both evolution and ami, and she really likes both, but we decided to stick with ami for awhile. anyone else? i know it's kind of crazy to get imported italian food, but we can get it pretty easily close by, so it's not as big of a deal. anyhow, i'm interested in hearing about people's experience with the various vegan kibbles, so please share if you have any input whatsoever!


One comment

  1. My guy gets Dick Van Patten’s veg formula, which to be honest, he doesn’t love. He’ll eat it, but he doesn’t have his snout in the bowl as soon as it’s on the floor. I’ve also tried AvoDerm, which he won’t touch. Sorry, not super helpful :/

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