rough day at the humane society

…and i mean that in the best way possible. 

today when i walked into the kittycat area, i had the sensation that i imagine many girls have when they see babies–you know how some girls say stuff like, "oh my god, my ovaries are [fill in the blank] right now"? i think i have that, but for kitties. sometimes i see one and i just have a little pang of love. well, today that happened at least three times, and by the time i left for the day, i was imagining a household with five cats. that's not too many, right?

bachelor #1 has been in our guest lodging area for three weeks now, because he's receiving medical treatment. i believe it's just a stubborn cold. he appears to be (my best guess) a very handsome lilac-point balinese, which of course i was drawn to because he looks like our finley's cousin or something (for those of you who don't know, finley is a chocolate lynx-point balinese and we got him from the humane society when he was a tiny wee kitten, rescued off the street). he has a very sweet personality, and seems eager for attention and affection even when he's not feeling so hot. i love him, and every week when i come back and see that he's still there, i get a little excited daydreaming about taking him home.

bachelor #2 is a newbie, and he's a medium-hair orange tabby. he's aDORable. his fur is a lot like our finley's (which is to say, longish and silky, but not fluffy or thick or matting), and his personality is so sweet. every time i went to check on him today, he popped up with a cute little cricket chirp and came over to the kennel door for attention. when i opened the kennel door, each time, he would give me a head butt and then stand on his back legs, with his front paws on my chest or my shoulders, to give me a snuzzle. lovery. he seems youngish, not a kitten but i'm guessing not a year old yet. want.

i heard bachelor #3 before i saw him. i was doing my walk-through to find the cats with "i can be socialized!" tags, and suddenly i heard a total yowler. it sounded a little bit like when we put finley in his carrier (he is normally vocal but his voice is small and gravelly… until we put him in the carrier, at which point he sounds like he's been possessed by another cat who Definitely Means Business), which made me laugh. i started to look around for the culprit, and found a gorgeous seal-point siamese boy with the prettiest ice blue eyes. he was meowing like crazy and totally wanting attention, so i opened his door and petted him a whole bunch, and eventually picked him up. he's like a giant muscle; it was almost like picking up a boa constrictor with fur. super athletic, this one, but also a mushball because he would have let me hold him all day, i'm pretty sure.

so seriously, five cats sounds like just about the perfect amount, right? 


  1. I have four and the only reason I don’t have five is hubadub is stoopid. I don’t think five is too many at all (btw, I do love my hubadub…just wish he’d allow more animals.) My in laws have two dogs and three cats.

  2. 5 is a nice round round number! Nope, nuthin’ wrong with 5.
    I know what you mean about the yearnings – when I see awesome kittehs, I say that my kitty-uterus is aching 🙂

  3. oh, i’m so glad i’m not alone. if it weren’t for my husband, my greyhound, and my penchant for worrywarting, i think i’d have 21 cats. and i seriously lurved these three boys. sigh.
    jeannie–no worries, avery gets his weeks too! i can’t tell you the number of mondays that i’ve called home to tell h-dawg about a kitty that reminds me of him, that i adore. this just happened to be a “finley week” for some reason. 🙂

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