thanksgiving postponed

well, after a bunch of scrambling around this evening, we ended up moving thanksgiving to friday, in the hopes that my sister's family will all be able to join us, rather than staying at home. poor sickies. they're all vegetarian so they were just as excited as i am about the idea of a non-death thanksgiving, and we were happy to postpone for them. 

the "bad" news is that based on all of your friendly feedback, i had already baked "tomorrow's" desserts this morning, and now they have to sit around an extra day. i hope nothing scary will happen! i made cupcakes (one batch of pumpkin chocolate chip, one batch of chocolate) but i haven't made the frosting yet. i'll probably do that tomorrow night or friday morning, and hope for the best. in the meantime the unfrosted cuppers are in my cupcake carrier. 


  1. the cuppers will be tOtally fine. keep them in a cool, dry place in their carrier. it’s no problemo, I do it occasionally. just wait to frost em until tomorrow am.

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