a frosting experiment

so, i was planning to make the fluffy vegan buttercream frosting (from VCTOTW) for my chonklit cupcakes, but i remembered halfway through that the recipe makes a metric asston of frosting. i didn't want it to go bad, so i started thinking about using the first half to frost the chonklit cuppers, and then experiment a bit for the pumpkin chocolate chip. i always make those with the yummy cinnamon glaze, but i thought maybe i'd try adding cinnamon to the buttercream and frosting them instead of making the glaze this time.

so that's what i did!

i tried to frost the chocolate ones in that adorable chubby style, but it was my first attempt so they look more whimsical than professional. i didn't take pictures. hee. anyhow, once those were finished, i started adding cinnamon to the leftover buttercream, 1/4 tsp at a time. when i got to 3/4 tsp, i decided it was "enough" and i frosted the pumpkin chocolate chip cuppers with that, then sprinkled a tiny bit of cinnamon on top just for embellishment. i taste-tested one of them with my husband before continuing with the whole batch, and we like 'em!

so NOW i just have to hope that everything still tastes yummy tomorrow.

One comment

  1. they should be fine for a day or two, but I wouldn’t keep them sealed tight. That can make em a little too moist and that in turn could cause problems. however, if they aren’t sealed tight enough the frosting can go a bit crunchy on the edges. oh, baking! :p
    I hope things are fab!

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