vegan thanksgiving success!

we had our postponed thanksgiving today, and i think it went really well! my grandpa made several good-natured and harmless jokes about enjoying his "turkey dinner," and really that was that. we served lasagna and the pumpkin ziti from veganomicon, along with a salad and two kinds of yummy bread (one sourdough, one roasted garlic) with earth balance. everybody liked everything they tried (all of them had eaten our lasagna before, on several occasions), and no one made any veganism-related side comments. it made me soooo happy to be eating a totally vegan meal on thanksgiving, with my family. yay!

for dessert, the cupcakes were totally fine, even made in advance like that, so whew! everyone really liked the pumpkin chocolate chip with the new cinnamon buttercream frosting, so much so that i'm making another batch right now to take to my dad's for tomorrow's thanksgiving (my sister and her family will obviously be there and they love those cuppers). the chocolate went over well too, but that's more of a no-brainer.

i mentioned to my mom that if they would like, we could host thanksgiving again in the future, and we'd even be able to do more traditional thanksgiving food (except the turkey of course), so maybe i planted a seed there. also tonight, my sister (who hosts christmas eve) announced that she'd be serving (vegan) chili this year, and i'm psyched. 

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  1. I mentioned wanting to host Xmas Eve dinner at my house and my family agreed. Vegan of course. The only instructions I was given was not to make anything I’ve never made before. So, essentially no experimenting on my meat and potatoes pops. 🙂
    Still… ::excited::

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