thanksgiving, round 2

i went to my dad & stepmom's today for our second thanksgiving, and i ate a LOT of food. whee! at the kids' table, only one person ate the non-vegan food, which made me silently consider switching from adult/kid tables into veg/omni tables. anyhow, my husband (aka the chef of vegan stuffing) came down with a sudden and rather violent case of the flu late last night, so he stayed home and we veg*ns went without stuffing this year, but i was still able to gorge myself. i had a huge plate of sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, a chik patty (hee!), and really yummy vegan gravy. i also had corn and a roll with earth balance. and then a little while later i went back and had seconds of absolutely everything. heh.

for dessert there were several vegan options, including my cupcakes of course! my stepmom made a delicious dark chocolate pudding pie, and she also made some little cookies that are reminiscent of pecan fingers, but there were no nuts in them and instead they had chocolate chips. anyhow, options aplenty is what i'm saying.

i really truly wish i didn't have to see that poor dead bird today, but if i can blot that part out of my mind, it was a very yummy day. 

in other news, my parents have a gorgeous 7-point buck who visits their yard, and we got to see him twice today! he was eating some giant pumpkins and he was totally adorable. love!

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