nablopomo success, plus kitties

i did it! i survived nablopomo (the official november edition) and posted every day. by my count, that means i've gone 13 months now, posting every night before bed. craziness! in other craziness, i can't believe it's already december. my sabbatical is going by too quickly. *sniff*

i went back to the humane society today, and was a combination of disappointed and nervous about who i'd find in guest lodging. my cute orange boy went up for adoption around thanksgiving, and he got adopted on saturday, so i was already bummed in advance, but i wasn't sure about the other two sweeties. well, as it turns out, it appears that only one of them is still around. there was no sign of the seal-point siamese anywhere, so unless he's somewhere in the medical ward, i'm guessing he got adopted already.

but, the pretty balinese boy is still there, four weeks strong now. today i finally broke down and asked someone to look up his file for me, because i need to know his backstory. as it turns out, he was left behind when someone moved(!!); they took their dog along, but left this gorgeous sweet boy behind. i simply don't understand people sometimes. but as luck would have it, the various neighbors were all looking out for him, and one of them even works for the humane society, so they all figured out a way to get him into our safe haven, and that's where he's been ever since. he is very thin so they have been working on putting weight on him, and in the meantime he also got a case of goopy eyes (that's the scientific term) and an upper respiratory infection. poor kiddo! he seems a lot better today, though, aside from the skinny thing. he is such a sweetheart, and so, so, purty. sigh. perhaps i'll be seeing him for the fifth week in a row next monday?

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