whale wars

i'm probably the last vegan around who hasn't seen an episode of whale wars yet. i started recording them as soon as they started broadcasting them, but i'm a little behind on some of my shows, so they've been stacking up. we (finally) started watching the beginning of episode one today, and it looks pretty good! i get a kick out of paul watson; i imagine he'll make an entertaining reality television character. 

for those of you who have been watching all along, what do you think? good stuff? annoying stuff? i'm looking forward to sitting down and really getting into the series, hopefully soon. 


  1. we were late to the watching party (but had been recording them all along). We ended up staying up until 1 AM watching them because we both loved it so much. I was pleased because I was familiar with Sea Shepherd, but the husb was not. He fell in love immediately and has been telling everyone we know about it! I cannot wait to watch the ones we have from being gone to Hawaii!!!!

  2. I also haven’t seen it (bad vegan!), but there’s a Sea Shepherd woman who is a regular in my store, and last time she was in, several customers recognized her and were wide-eyed and whispering to each other. Vegan celebrity sightings are great!

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