being nice to my back

any of you use a sling bag? i'm considering trying something as an alternative to my omnipresent messenger bags (i have three; two that i use pretty much constantly)… my neck/back/shoulder area has a tendency to act up at times, especially if i carry something relatively heavy for any distance. this isn't a problem if i'm just going from the car to my office, but if i cart my bag around for awhile and it has my laptop, plus a couple of books, and a full sigg bottle… well, you get the point. my husband suggested a backpack but i'm super-meh about that, because they don't seem very "me" anymore. don't get me wrong, i absolutely love it when people think i'm an undergrad instead of a professor, but that doesn't mean i want a backpack to actively blend in. hee.

anyhow, my pal chris (*waves*) got a bag from tom bihn, and she loves it, so i've been poking around on their site a whole lot lately. this sling bag will fit my 15" macbook pro, and it seems like it might be a happy medium as far as weight distribution goes. can any of you support or refute this idea? 


  1. I have this sherpani bag that I love. I use it for work everyday because I could not find a traditional work bag big enough or sturdy enough. Believe me when I tell you I load it up and it can be very heavy somedays, but it is still comfortable. It’s like a messenger bag with a pad on the cross strap, but it also has the option to secure it around the waist as well. And it’s a very durable canvas. I would even say it has a padded section for a laptop. One of my coworkers bought one after I did. Luckily she bought a different color. 😉
    I don’t see my exact one on their website, but I am sure they have a lot of great choices.
    Actually it looks very similar to this one…in black.

  2. I’ve had issues with the messenger bag as well, serious back tension lodging there. I’ve been carrying canvas bags, switching off on hands carrying them. Would feel weird about the backpack but may have to go to that. The messenger bag is only good for very light loads.

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