dessert spree

i went a little nuts at vegan essentials today. i was only planning to get dog food, and instead i ended up with dog food plus: peanut butter dog treats, some vegeyeast for the cats (as an experiment), two bottles of vegan glucosamine for the husband, a box of chana masala, and a whoooole bunch of desserty treats. it felt a little like i was compiling noah's ark of chocolate at first, because i couldn't stop myself from choosing two of nearly everything: two ricemilk choco bars, two sweet & sara peanut butter s'mores, two bags of uncle eddie's peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. and then there was the giant handful of sjaak's peanut butter cups, the smaller handful of caramel cups, and the box of cinnamon spiced hipo hyfryd truffles. i think that's everything. urp.


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