pregan surprises

so, awhile back i went through all of my clothes (i do this at least twice per year) and pulled out stuff i wanted to donate, stuff that needed to be dry cleaned, stuff that needed alterations, and so on. i only had one pair of pants that needed dry cleaning, so basically i got lazy and just let them sit there on the shelf for a couple of months. the other day, however, i started going a little crazy what with all of the items on my running mental to-do list, so i wrote them all down and got to work crossing things off. one item was "take pants to dry cleaner," and another was "take [different] pants to tailor," but as it turns out, my dry cleaner does tailoring so it was a one-stop shopping kind of deal. i was having a crazy day, so i asked my husband to drop the pants off on his way to campus, and he obliged. 

for absolutely no reason whatsoever, i grabbed the dry-cleaning pair of pants, and read the tag before handing them over to my husband. i don't know what possessed me to do this. in any case, i was completely flabbergasted when i saw that they have wool in them. i honestly thought i had gotten rid of absolutely all wool in my wardrobe. really and truly! these are new-ish pants, but i don't actually remember when i bought them, so i found myself wracking my brain trying to figure out whether: (a) i had just forgotten that these had wool in them, and they were my last remaining pregan pair of pants, or (b) i had never realized they had wool and i bought them by accident. knowing my penchant for label-reading, i sincerely doubt that it's (b), but even (a) befuddles me, i have to tell you. the pants are less than half-wool by percentage, so maybe the fact that they don't feel like wool helped me forget that they contain it, but i actually felt a little bad when i read that tag. i know that's silly, but i can't help it.

i do have a few pregan things kicking around the house, and i've talked about that before… a pair of sandals that i've had re-soled once, that i've owned for 12 years… a down comforter (that i'm dying to get rid of) that we got around the time we were married, 10 years ago… a sweater that has some silk in it, from at least 6 years ago… a bench that is covered in wool, which we bought over 5 years ago when we bought our house… you know, random things here and there. i know that i don't have to have a "pure" house to be truly vegan or anything, i understand that, but still, it felt weird to realize i still have wool pants. and i really like those pants. hmph.

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  1. That totally happened to me, too. I got rid of all my wool years ago… or so I thought. About a year ago I was pulling clothes out for a clothing swap and discovered a 50% wool top in my closet. You’d never know it was wool – hell, I had no idea – and I ended up donating it to the swap.
    And now I have to cut this short because the boy needs to reset our modem. ugh.

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