winter boots

so, let's just say for the sake of argument that i am not so much a fan of ugg-style boots. and let's also say that i live in a climate (as you know from my many, many, MANY posts about fashionable-yet-warm vegan coats) that necessitates winter boots, at least sometimes. today we had our first big wallop of snow, and the combination of that plus an email from one of my best friends has got me thinking about winter boots. it seems to me that the most popular styles right now are ugg-y in nature, which aren't really my thing. they aren't my friend jen's thing, either, so i started googling around for ideas. 

when i checked alternative outfitters and mooshoes i didn't find much at all, so i headed over to zappos next. i basically just searched for winter boots and then started reading the description for each one, looking for possible vegan candidates. i found tons made of leather and suede, but i also found these, from sorel. they're kind of cute i suppose, they come in a few colors, and they seem like they'd get the job done as far as keeping our tootsies warm and dry. does anyone have thoughts on sorel boots? or does anyone have a lead on alternative options for cute warm dry vegan boots?


  1. Sorels are amazing. I had a non-leather pair for four winters and they served me very well. They are comfortable and so good in the cold and wet.I eventually had to get rid of them because the heel part of the lining wore out and they weren’t the kind with replaceable liners. I’m sure if I could have replaced the lining I would still have that pair. I have a new pair now (with the replaceable liners!) and have been wearing them almost daily as my city gets covered in snow. They aren’t exactly glamourous, but they do the job.

  2. Yes, some Sorel’s boots seem to be 100% vegan (from an answer I got from the company): the Cumberland model, and also the Glacier and Snowlion models. I understand that all the other models, though, contain either leather or felt (made out of wool).
    The three vegan models seem to be the best winter boots options for vegans, since they are extremelly warm and comfortable. We should spread the word.

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