lipstick = beeswax = annoying

today i went to origins to return a makeup brush and pick up some perfume (ginger essence is love!), and while i was there i decided to branch out and try a new lip color. i usually stick to the brown family, but i was toying with the idea of something more rosy perhaps, and i "remembered" that the matte sticks at origins are vegan. i used to wear malt aaaall the time, back in the day (read: pregan), and in fact it's what i wore on my wedding day! anyscoot, i thought i'd pick the brains of the girlies at the store to see if they could rustle me up a flattering new shade.

alas, when i got there and read the box, it turned out i'd remembered incorrectly, and matte sticks have beeswax, as do every single other lip product at origins. boo! 

don't get me wrong, i still like my hoarded supply of hemp organics (from before the de-veganizing), and i still like my tinted balm, but i was in the mood to experiment with color and i was thwarted! no fair!

i've played a little bit with the zuzu luxe lipsticks and i've unfortunately disliked the vast majority of them. and lipstick is expensive to experiment with… does anyone have tried-and-true favorites that they'd like to explain in detail to me? hee.


  1. thanks susan! i think i know a store near me who carries some BWC stuff; i’ll have to see if they have the lipstick. i was an idiot and bought yet another tube of zuzu luxe tonight. i liked the texture better than the others i’d tried (this one is a creme rather than a frost), but the color seems a lot different on my mouth than it was on my hand. boo.

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