another december, another cookie day

i think this is the third year that i've blogged about cookie day. basically it's a day that a bunch of us go to my dad & stepmom's house to make the cut-outs for christmas, and sometimes another kind or two if we are super-efficient. this is our fourth year making a vegan batch alongside the old standard cut-outs my stepmom has made forever, and it's probably the third year i've wondered why we still have to make two kinds.[/selfish & lazy]

as i've said in previous years, we've been using the sugar cookie recipe in garden of vegan, and they turn out very well. they're a bit crisper and sweeter than my stepmom's standard cut-outs, but i think i actually prefer them, so hooray. the only sticking point is the icing. when we use the recipe in GoV that is supposed to "match" the cookies, we always have a really hard time with it; we have to add a LOT more liquid than it calls for, and we're constantly in an "is it too thick? is it too runny?" dilemma as we tinker about. today was no exception. also, we always run out. at some point i made a note that said we need to make 1.5 batches of frosting to cover 1 batch of cookies, so that's what we did today, but we ran out anyway, so then we mixed up a totally random amount of the ingredients and the icing was great. heh. hopefully i'll remember next year that it's more like a 2:1 ratio.

we always ice the vegan cookies the same way (like, i get to pick a color that the other cookies won't have) so that they're easy to spot and i won't accidentally eat the wrong cookies. this year i went with lavender (so christmasy!), and then the second mini-batch of icing came out this awesome shade of magenta (we spilled the red) that i'd love to recreate around valentine's day. anyhow, hooray for cookies! 

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