six mondays

3111508945_b9996467b3_m today marks the sixth monday that this cutie's little face has greeted me when i walked into our guest lodging area at the humane society. i mean, come on, he's adorable, right? love him. he is so mellow and sweet, always with a quiet chirp and a purr. i guess i just have to imagine that he is terrified of dogs and/or hates other cats or something in order to get through this.

in related news, i found out where the seal-point siamese went, and it's awesome! he got adopted by one of my very favorite worker bees, and and AND she also adopted a kitten that i'd been loving (off-blog) for the past four weeks. he's a tiny flame-point siamese boy, who would cry and cry and stick his arms out through the bars as far as he could, and pretty much he just wanted to live around your neck in a sling. he is aDORable, and apparently this worker bee and i have very similar taste in cats (heh), because she too was unable to resist their charms. so in the past two weeks, she's adopted two of the four kitties i'd been yammering about at home. awesome! she said they get along extremely well, and they cuddle and sleep and play together. she even showed me pictures! i love her, and i'm so happy she has them (and vice versa). 


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