slumber balls for everyone!

so maia has this gigantic beanbag-type bed called a slumber ball. we ordered one before she came to live with us, because 'the greyhound people' recommended them highly. these beds are seriously cushy, which greyhounds definitely appreciate. they are also big, because greyhounds are long dogs with long legs, and even though they can sleep curled up, that doesn't mean they always want to. maia does her fair share of sprawling, so much so that she often spills right off the bed. 

anyhow, in the summer months we had her slumber ball in our family room downstairs (i.e., "the downstairs bed") and a different bed in our office upstairs (i.e., "the upstairs bed"). we would bring the upstairs bed into our bedroom at night, and that was that. well, as the nights became colder, she became more uncomfortable, and i eventually decided that maybe the slumber ball would trap heat better, and brought it upstairs for an overnight. problem solved! of course, now that it's cold all the time, it's her bed of choice at least 75% of the time, so we've been dragging it upstairs and downstairs each day, depending on where we are. that thing is big and clumsy, and hoo boy am i ever sick of carting it up and down the stairs.

of course, we also have the problem of the boys sleeping all over her stuff. on two occasions avery has actually crawled into maia's bed with her, but usually it ends up looking more like this. so, to solve all of these problems i finally caved and just decided to buy more slumber balls. we got a navy blue one to live upstairs permanently, so the sage green one can stay downstairs again… and we got a slightly smaller one (also in sage) for the kitties to share. this way, there are three cushy beds no matter how you slice it, so no one has to go without. our house it going to be like a smooshy-bed-minefield, starting tomorrow when the new beds are delivered. fun!

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