we had a snow day today. well, the city did, but i guess it doesn't really count for us since we're off anyway. heh. we slept in, lounged around eating a late breakfast, and then eventually went out to deal with the snow. we got at least a foot, but there was a lot of blowing and drifting due to high winds in the morning. what fun! not really.

the funny part was letting maia out to go potty, and watching her bound through the backyard to get to her potty spot. the snow was up to her chest and she had to really kick it into four-wheel drive in order to power through. she didn't seem too bothered by it, truth be told; she even stood around in it for awhile, just for fun. what a goofball. she's also gotten really good at "paw?" (x4) when she comes back in the house; she always needs to be toweled off these days!

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