it’s me or the dog

upon the recommendation of my friend chris, the husband and i have started watching episodes of it's me or the dog on animal planet. it used to be a 30-minute show based in the UK, but this season it's a 60-minute show based in the US, although with the same trainer, victoria stilwell. we've seen the weimaraner episode, the pug episode, and the gordon setter episode so far. i like it, because victoria is awesome about positive reinforcement and she takes owners to task over things like prong collars and bullying. we've seen a few of the old 30-minute episodes, too… the greyhounds, the bull terrier, the doberman, the chihuahua, and so on. i prefer these new longer episodes because they seem a bit more realistic as far as how much training needs to be done–there is less glossing over due to time constraints, in other words.

but i have to be honest, i've found myself almost equally distracted and/or amused by her penchant for driving a snazzy sports car, complete with driving gloves, to each appointment. plus, although her jeans are fantastic and she has at least one jacket/blouse that i want to steal from her: girlfriend only wears black, and the riding pants make me laugh. i'm also preoccupied with the fact that she has gorgeous long hair, but seems to only wear it in a ponytail or bun, that's all, ever. i'm one million percent sure that if i had a teevy show everyone would have their choice of my ridiculous quirks to pick on, so i'm not making fun of her, i promise… it's just something that gives me a giggle.


  1. I was just watchin this show yesterday. I used to watch the UK version too and loved it. She truly works miracles. As far as the hair goes when working with dogs it’s easier to pull it back than to have it in your face. But her outfits are a bit much for me at times.

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