mystery cookies

ever since a delicious-looking snickerdoodle recipe got posted on vegan yumyum, i've been a little preoccupied with them. i don't have cream of tartar around, though, so i got to googling for other vegan snickerdoodles (because i'm lazy and didn't feel like going to the store). i found another one that i'd bookmarked previously from vegan*core, and then realized that honest to god, i do NOT need more dessert in this house right now. for shiz.

but! all of that cinnamon/sugar cookie googling also reminded me that my mom used to make these cookies around christmas every year that she called "saint hearts." i think they're similar to snickerdoodles, in that they're a cinnamon and sugar kind of cookie, but i'm not sure really. i remember that they involved rolling out, cutting into shapes, and then basting with milk and sprinkling cinnamon and sugar before popping in the oven. 

i went on a googling tear and tried all kinds of variations on "saint heart" and "st heart" and "saint heart cookies" and i found absolutely nada, until i went for it and added an s on the end of heart and voila! recipes! has anyone else ever had these before? what are your bets on how easily they'd veganize? i mean it looks as simple as EB shortening and egg replacer (and soymilk of course), but can anyone think of ways that it might get screwed up? i just follow directions, i don't usually mess with 'em. 


  1. never heard of them. we always made roll out cream cheese sugar cookies (which have now been veganized. yum!)egg replacement is always iffy depending on what you are making. i say just give it a shot and see what happens. you might have to tweak some after your first try.
    also, did you google the word “vegan” with saint hearts?

  2. my only concern is that it is a higher amount of eggs (for a cookie recipe). I don’t recommend flax eggs for this, use Ener-G or chia seeds I think. and, it says “rich” milk for the brushing. Soy creamer or coconut milk would be good. I think the higher fat milk makes em shiny.
    I made “your” chocolate chip cookies last night and gluten freed them. They are super yummy! Santa is going to be a very happy guy 🙂

  3. Hi, I happened to be googling for variations on this same cookie (also a Christmas tradition of my childhood). You might get more hits using “sand tarts” which is the more common name, and there are quite a few different recipes out there. Happy holidays, and happy baking!

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