fair-trade after-dinner mints

woo hoo! after lamenting the seeming loss of after eight chocolate mints, i have found an even better replacement! (i think.) i was in whole foods tonight picking up a few things, when i saw a display of boxes that totally reminded me of the after eight thin mints, which i can never find anymore so i've completely given up even looking. anyhow, upon closer inspection they were indeed mint-filled chocolate squares, and praise be! they're from the divine chocolate company, so they're made with fair trade chocolate. how exciting! i grabbed a box right away, even though my house is bursting at the seams with dessert, just because i didn't want to forget about them and/or miss my chance. they appear to be a seasonal offering, so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested.

when i checked out, the girl who bagged my stuff got really excited and asked me if i'd tried them yet. i said no, but that i was really excited too, and we bonded over how we can never find the after eights in the stores anymore, and then she jokingly told me to come back and tell her if they're any good. i said i would, and then she went to open another register. i decided i may as well just open the box and give her one, so i did. i wasn't able to stick around for her reaction (because she was ringing up another customer) but hopefully she'll like them. heck, hopefully i'll like them! i haven't actually tried them yet, but i have high hopes.

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