sigg vs. klean kanteen

my dad & stepmom gave everyone a klean kanteen bottle for christmas, which i thought was a really great and fun idea. we each got our own colors–i got blue, my husband got green, my sister got pink, and so on. they even found a little kid-sized one for my 4-year-old niece. cute! anyhow, the whole concept was somewhat new to most of the recipients, but my husband and i have been carting around sigg bottles for awhile now. i'm kind of interested to see how they'll compare, now that we have both types in the house. i think the basic difference is that siggs are aluminum and klean kanteens are stainless steel, but there's also the fact that klean kanteens have a much wider neck. have any of you tried both and found a definite preference? 



  1. I have both, and I prefer the kleen kanteen. I find myself drinking from the KK almost exclusively, though I have both on my desk at work. The reason I got a KK to begin with (I already had a sigg) is that they fit in water bottle cages on the bike, while the siggs don’t really. So at work I’ll have my KK and my sigg on the desk…and the sig just isn’t getting used.
    Part of that is that the sigg’s top leaks sometimes, and I’ve never been able to figure out why, so I can’t fix it. And yeah, I could get a different top, but if I don’t have a sport top, I know I’ll never use it at all.
    I don’t use ice in my drinks, but one thing that people who do use ice like about the KKs is that the neck is wide enough for ice cubes.
    One thing to get used to, if you have the sport top on the KK, is that if you are having a hard time getting water to come out, and it is making a squeaking sound, loosen the top. Sometimes I feel like the top is barely on, but it doesn’t leak, it just doesn’t work right if the top is too tight.

  2. I can’t wait to hear your reaction to the new bottle. I love my sigg, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the husb would like KK more…

  3. i don’t use ice cubes either, but i can see how that would be a definite plus! as it is, the wide neck has led me to spill water aaaaaall over myself on more than one occasion, because i’m used to drinking out of the much smaller opening of a sigg. hee.

  4. I bought a bunch of KK’s for xmas gifts and I like mine. I find myself still refilling an old plastic bottle though… I seem to still taste metal when I drink from it. Will that go away eventually you think?

  5. molly, i never really notice a metallic taste… i’ve been drinking out of siggs for quite awhile, though, so maybe if i noticed it before i’m just used to it now? heh. the very first time i drank out of my klean kanteen it tasted ever-so-slightly weird to me, but that went away after that. i hope yours gets better!

  6. I’ll also be interested to hear which you prefer; I bought my father a Sigg, but the family I nanny for uses (lots of) KK’s. I haven’t bought myself one yet, because I can’t decide which way to go!

  7. Which one is lighter? The Sigg or KK? I have to carry water around for my dog and after learning about BPA I decided I should get a kid sized one for my dog (I spoil my dog a lot). I carry all her necessities in her little backpack so I don’t want to lug around a heavy bottle. I heard both are light but just wanted to know if one is considerably lighter than the other. Thank you!!!

  8. The Siggs are made of aluminum and then coated. The Klean Kanteens are made of stainless steel. Some health aficionados would suspect that the stainless steel might be safer because there would be almost no chance of leeching (which ostensibly could happen in the Sigg coating got damaged- although Sigg says that this cannot happen). I envy the cool style of the siggs, but I bought a klean kanteen for the reasons stated above

  9. snowball, i don’t think there’s a huge difference in weight, but the sigg seems lighter to me (maybe?).
    ger, i think i must be one of those ignorance-is-bliss people when it comes to all of the leeching business. sigg said it was fine, so i blindly believed them. 😉
    now that i’ve been using them for several months, i can say that i don’t have a real preference. when i started drinking out of the klean kanteen, i spilled on myself a lot because of the wider mouth (surprise! water!!), but that’s the only real difference in my world.

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