iPhone outreach

i went to my dad & stepmom's house today to help them get their iPhones all set up. they bought them a few weeks ago, but still hadn't gotten around to installing iTunes on their computer, so they hadn't synced anything or set most of the stuff up. craziness! oh well, they've been busy. anyhow, i decided an intervention was in order so i told them to pick a day and i'd come over and help them get it all sorted out. this is their first venture into the world of apple, so it's all new to them, and i figured it would be helpful if i could be there to point and suggest and all that good stuff.

anyhow, i installed iTunes and registered both of their phones, and then we started playing with stuff like importing CDs and downloading apps and creating playlists and so on and so forth. after doing a bunch of different sync demonstrations, my stepmom started looking in the app store from her phone, and downloaded a couple of cooking apps. i said, "oh! you need to download the vegan yumyum app!" and within 30 seconds, she had. yay! 

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