a word to the wise

in case you were wondering, the best way to decide you probably shouldn't adopt a cat after all is NOT to spend two solid hours alone with him in a room. because he'll probably just purr the whole time, spend 98% of the visit on your lap and the other 2% looking adoringly up at you, wondering when you're going to sit back down again. and he'll probably show none of the weird or troubling characteristics you might be hoping for, like misplaced aggression or total aloofness or bizarre hyperactivity. nope, he'll just be mellow and easygoing and ridiculously affectionate, and he'll also love being brushed. A LOT. 

yes, for those of you keeping score at home, today was the eighth monday with my sweet little boy, and he's doing a lot better this week. his eyes are totally clear, he has only very minor congestion, and he's put on enough weight that he's normal-cat-sized. he's getting his re-check tomorrow, so there's a possibility i'll be seeing him on the adoption page pretty darn soon. *sniff*


  1. tamara, it’s only because i’m doing my classic over-thinking and over-analyazing. and because i have a husband. i will tell you this: if i were single and pet-less, he would be coming home with me the instant he was available for adoption. but only having adopted maia a little over 7 months ago, i do worry a bit about bringing another babe into the mix. i have no idea what the boys would think, or what maia would think. heck, i have no idea what this new baby would think! i worry-wart so much about stuff like this! but he is such a cutie pie and such a sweetheart, it’s hard not to get a big ol’ crush on him.

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