the can of soda trick

tonight we had a little cake & presents event for my grandpa's birthday, and he actually requested pies (lemon meringue and apple) instead of birthday cake. there are a bunch of people in my family who favor cake to pie, and they especially favor chocolate to non-chocolate, so we were scurrying behind the scenes to add a third option to the menu for that crowd. heh. my mom asked if i'd be interested in making cupcakes, and i was more than willing, but then while we talked she decided she wanted to try that soda + cake mix trick, so we decided to go that route instead. for some reason she had never heard of it before (i think it's an old weight watchers trick; basically you take a prepared cake mix, add a can of soda, and bake), and she was excited because she had found a cake mix that didn't already have milk or eggs in it. yay! she used a can of diet pepsi, and that was that. four adults and one kiddo chose the chocolate cake over the pies, and it was a big hit! 



  1. Just wondering – what brand of cake mix was that? I’m newly vegan and looking for any help in not having to read EVERY box’s ingredient list!

  2. kate, it was a duncan hines cake mix, one of the chocolate ones. i’m pretty sure several (all?) of the duncan hines mixes are vegan as long as you find a way around adding the eggs. being newly vegan means a LOT of reading, i know, but stick with it and eventually you’ll start memorizing the highlights. 🙂 good luck!!

  3. Not all the Duncan Hines mixses are vegan, though many are. Just take a quick look at the ingredients before you buy. I made vanilla cake with cream soda, spice cake with root beer, and red velvet cake with cherry coke…it can be fun to think up new combinations!

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