bacon is the new zombies

okay, seriously, i am really really over the trend that is bacon right now. the 'bacon is a vegetable' t-shirts, the weird thing where you can "baconize" any website (wtf?!)… the overall kitschiness that bacon apparently bestows on hipsters these days is just making me roll my eyes over and over again. there is bacon in chocolate, there is bacon in ice cream, there is some kind of perverse bacon-weaving challenge, and the other day i saw something that can only be described as an explosion of sausage vomit wrapped in a billion strips of bacon (complete with photo tutorial!). dear god, make it stop. *retch*



  1. I SO agree!! Thank you for voicing this. The bacon thing is just nasty. I actually stopped following some people on Twitter last week because they kept posting bacon stuff. EEW.

  2. Okay, in my class the other day I had to read a damn poem in which the narrator professed their love for bacon. I was like, “WTF” It was right after I workshopped an animal friendly poem. And the class kind of snickered because a bacon poem came next. Hrmph.

  3. Hmmm… thinking of a t-shirt: “Bacon is the new torture” and it shows a stick of bacon and a bleeding pig in a slaughterhouse hanging upside-down writhing in pain.

  4. dude. i am so with you on the bacon thing. every blog, every twitter, every everything is full of bacon shizzle lately. hurry up and jump the shark, bacon!
    or something. heh.

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