sam the koala

Sam koala

there's always so much sad news to report, i get extra-happy (and extra-sappy) when something awesome happens. today i wanted to share sam the koala with you, in case you hadn't heard her story yet. sam survived the horrible fires in australia, and was found by a firefighter, totally dehydrated and wandering. he approached her relatively easily, and offered her some water, which she took right away. she even put out her little hand to hold his hand while drinking. i could die of cute, seriously. my sister emailed this link to me yesterday morning, and then a pal on VRF posted this link today, and i just watched the video on the second link and nearly started crying. when people stop and care for animals in need, it really makes me happy. thank you, david tree!

updated to add a third article (with a few more details on her recovery) that my mom just forwarded to me, found here



  1. oh my goodness, I KNOW. It’s so heartbreakingly cute. Thanks for the link to the article about her and bob, I didn’t know what had come of her. I’m so glad she’s safe and in recovery.

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