lots to talk about

i've been gone for awhile; sorry about that. the shortest version is that i went out of town for 10 days, and before that there was family illness, and during my absence there was a death in my family, and on top of all of that we got really scary horrible news about another family member, and then all of those things together helped me get overwhelmed enough to put a lot of my internet-life on hold for awhile. i'm slowly starting to crawl back, and i plan to explain everything eventually (soon), probably in chunks because that is how blogging works. heh.

and i also have lots of randomness stored up that i want to talk about, including but not limited to: the un-veganizing of peppermint ritter sports (ARGH!), anise-flavored toothpaste, the new! vegan! marshmallows!, reusable sandwich bags, nail polish, skin care, vegan meetup and other similar outings, online worlds colliding, the wonderful tom bihn company, documentaries, and the vegan cruise that i was on a few weeks ago. i'm sure i'm forgetting some stuff, too, but i think listing all of those topics will help me jump-start my blogging routine again. see you soon!

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