dear internet friends,

you must seek out the new tempt hemp-milk ice cream and eat it. you will thank me later. i was at whole foods today, and we were looking at the coconut bliss ice cream (also delicious, but i digress) and a very very nice woman said, "are you looking at non-dairy ice cream?" and i was all, "uh, yes…" and she said, "well i can HIGHLY recommend the tempt, it's delicious." so right then and there i decided to take her word for it and i grabbed a pint of chocolate fudge. by the time we finished shopping and drove home, it was the perfect amount of softened, so i opened it up right away and ate about an inch off the top. it is soooo good! chocolatey and creamy and YUM. seriously, go get some. those nice random vegans never steer you wrong!


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