vegan winter coats are on their way!

okay, so if by chance you're a somewhat longtime reader, you'll know that i have whined about vegan winter coats for nearly three years now. in fact, i would wager that the most common google search that brings people to my blog is a search for "vegan winter coats." here is the post that started it all, in november of 2006, and i have continued whining about it yearly since then. last fall, i happened to stumble across a fantastic new fashion house starting up a vegan coat line, vaute couture. they held a design contest (i.e., artists submitted designs, and the vegan masses voted for their favorites), and ever since then they have been working on getting beautiful-yet-warm fabrics all lined up, selecting purty colors, making look books, and basically gearing up to sell these suckers for our very next freezy season. score!

the coats are all gorgeous. there is a really cute peacoat (a warm, vegan, peacoat! for real!), two different 3/4 length dressier coats, and a funky bomono coat with lots of armpit room for those of you who like to wear chunky sweaters. 😉 they all come in black, ivory, light grey, and a divine blue that i'm totally in love with… and they also come in a recycled fabric option (black only). everything is vegan, everything is made ethically, and everything is pretty. i think this is what a lot of us have been waiting for, yes? 

and right now, for a few more days, you can pre-order a coat for a discount–in some cases, a very steep discount of 50% off! basically, between now and june 30th–that's on tuesday, everyone!–if you pre-order and make a down payment, vaute couture will match it, up to 50% of the coat's value. so in other words, if you pay half now, you're actually done. seriously, so generous and awesome.

so go over and check out the coats, and while you're at it check out the cute tees as well. i had no idea who leanne was when i first discovered her contest, but based on a few crazy coincidences, i've now had the distinct pleasure of meeting her and spending some time with her. she's a lovely person inside and out, and i wish her nothing but the absolute best with this venture. she's prettying up the vegan winter landscape, one coat at a time!


  1. Lol… OK, so last night I stumbled upon your website for the very first time. (Cool blog, btw, thanks.) I posted a comment to a post you did in 2006. Turns out you’ve had multiple follow up posts to the vegan coat dilemma that I didn’t notice until this morning. 🙂 So here it is again. I apologize for the double post…
    Have you seen this one? It’s really cute in person:

  2. hi ecoclass! glad you stumbled in, old entry or no. 😉 that is a really cute coat! it seems like it would be better for spring/fall here, though… not quite up to snuff for winter, alas… but most of the country could probably wear it in the coldest months. heh.

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