i keep disappearing

i keep meaning to get back in the routine of posting regularly, and things keep cropping up and eating into my online time. lately it's been stuff with my sister and the tour de france. heh. by way of easing myself back in, i'll share an update for those who have been wondering about my sister.

she finished her first big course of chemo and was originally scheduled to have her surgery on june 25th, but then got some weird/troubling test results that ended up pushing her surgery date. something looked funky in her bone marrow, and everyone freaked out that it was more cancer at first, but eventually (after a lot more tests and a lot of really smart people putting their heads together) they decided that it was very very likely NOT cancer, and decided to go ahead with her surgery. that happened a week ago today. she had a double mastectomy, with reconstruction started right away (although it is a process that will take many months to complete). she also had six lymph nodes removed (4 on one side, 2 on the other). her surgery went extremely well, and she came home on friday night. i've been hanging out with her now that her husband is back to work, in case she needs help during the day. the kiddos are rotating among the grandparents for the week, and eventually will come back home with someone "nannying" during the day to help out my sister.

i took her to her post-op appointments on monday (plastic surgeon) and tuesday (cancer surgeon & then oncologist), and everything is looking fantastic! her tumor had shrunk from 3cm to 5mm, and they could barely find it! her pathology from the surgery all came back negative, so she is technically cancer-free now. she will still undergo one more course of chemo (as originally planned), but supposedly it's a walk in the park compared to what she has already done, so hooray for that.

tomorrow she will start physical therapy, and we're hoping that on friday we can even do a little non-doctor-related outing, and go see harry potter. it's so awesome to feel hopeful and excited. my sister is a total stud and i couldn't be more proud of her.


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